OUR ROADMAP IS BEING UPDATED and will be availble soon

Alpine Coin is a unique cryptocurrency platform ecosystem on the Stellar Blockchain where you wil be able to buy, sell and trade crypto in a safe environment, scan your wallet and view all tokens including hidden tokens and balances, send tokens to multiple addresses or send airdrop to thousands of addresses all within one transaction.

Send or receive an escrow payment, view charts for any token on Binance chain, Ethereum chain, Polygon chain, and create a non-custodial crypto wallet all from within our unique user dashboard. share upto 50% of all fees generated from all paid DApp's created by the Alpine Coin development team are shared with Alpine Coin holders in tokens like BNB, USDC, XLM & PINE weekly and, monthly direct to your wallet .


Earn your reward in USDC, XLM, PINE, and XRP

Alpine ecosystem creating new ways to add to your earnings from new Dapps created by us.