Alpine Coin Treasury

Generating Revenue

for Alpine Ecosystem and Holders.

Exchange, advertising, dapp and LP fees increase treasury balance. Treasury inflow is used to develop more dapps, lock in liquidity, pay holder rewards and fuel the growth of our ecosystem



Token Airdrop

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Liquidy Provider Reward Program


Each holder of liquidity pools XLM/PINE or USDC/PINE, with a minimum share of 3.5m PINE ($40 USD), receives a 9% APY reward in addition to the yield of the liquidity pool. reward payments made monthly.

To participate in this rewards program, you deposit liquidity into one of the above pools as an asset pair. After providing liquidity, rewards will be paid to your address every month. The larger your share of PINE in liquidity pools, the more % APY in PINE you will receive.

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Holder Reward Program


To start participating in this rewards program, you do not need to do anything, if you have 1.7m PINE ($20 USD) in your wallet - you are already participating. The more PINE in your wallet, the more % of rewards you earn.

Rewards will be delivered to your address monthly.

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Decentralized Applications

Under development

  • All
  • DeFi
  • NFT
  • play2earn
  • Widget
  • WEB3


Earn your reward in USDC, XLM, PINE, and XRP

Alpine ecosystem creating new ways to add to your earnings from new Dapps created by us.